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Thailand: Thai FDA Simplifies Paperwork by Exempting 3 Document Requirements (w.e.f 1 May 2024)

Effectively from 1 May 2024, the Thai FDA decided to exempt 3 hard copy document submissions for all registrants who deal directly with the Thai FDA regarding permission for health products. The documents excluded from application submission are:

  • copies of ID cards

  • household registrations

  • company legal entity certificates

It is likely to remind third parties, that the Thai FDA may still request the documents for verification purposes.

Due to the digital government policy, government agencies including the Thai FDA that grant various approvals will be connected to cooperation to access the information via an electronic system.  This initiative is expected to smoothen business operations and reduce entrepreneurs’ burden in handling paperwork. Implementing the electronic system will enable the government agencies to improve their service quality and enhance the efficiency of handling the regulatory transactions.


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