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Singapore: MOH ACE Implant Subsidy List (ISL) and HTA Process Updates

Updated: Apr 16

The Ministry of Health (MOH) of Singapore implementing the Implant Subsidy List effectively from 1 December 2023. The list consists of the implants fully registered with the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) and accessed by the Agency for Care Effectiveness (ACE) to be clinically- and cost-effective for specific clinical indications.

Observation highlights a notable growth for the aging demographic, forecasting a surge in implant demand in the years ahead. Consequently, the government has commenced assessment for the first 15 out of 26 implant categories into the Implant Subsidy List. Subsequent categories will undergo phased assessment and integration into the list in the years ahead. As a result, automatic subsidy eligibility for implants will be discontinued.

Here are the key takeaways from the briefing session:

  • Horizon Scanning is a separate process from MedTech Evaluation, acting as an early Health Technology Assessment (HTA) process mainly to inform on resource planning.

  • Submission of pipeline medical technologies through the Industry Notification exercise is encouraged to allow for:

    • Provide early technologies visibility to MOH and may be used for early service planning or early adoption to the local public healthcare institutions.

    • Potential horizon scanning assessment as adoption guidance

    • To identify potential HTA topics

  • Companies can submit new implant models via the Accelerated Pathway for expeditious Model Update Process (MUP) processing.

  • MUP fee will be applied by the end of 2024 – Provide the best prices in the first instance for subsidy consideration.

  • Return signed legal documents within stipulated timelines to avoid delays in subsidy listing


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