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Australia: New Vaping Legislation Effective from 1 July 2024

Australia introduces new legislation, The Therapeutic Goods and Other Legislation Amendment (Vaping Reforms) Act 2024, to regulate the importation, domestic manufacture, supply, and commercial possession and advertisement of all vapes nationally.

Public Access to Vapes

From 1 July 2024 onwards, no vape selling is allowed to non-pharmacy retailers including tobacconists, vape shops, and convenience stores, and only therapeutic vapes are available from authorized pharmacies.

Patient Access to Therapeutic Vapes

Few flavors are allowed for the therapeutic vapes: Mint, Menthol, & Tobacco.

Until 30 September 2024, medical prescription under a special access pathway is required to purchase therapeutic vapes containing either nicotine or zero-nicotine substances from pharmacies.

Starting 1 October 2024, no medical prescriptions are required to purchase therapeutic vapes with a nicotine concentration of 20mg/mL or less from pharmacies to patients 18 years or older with appropriate assessment by pharmacists.

For patients under 18 years old, medical prescriptions are still required to purchase therapeutic vapes with a nicotine concentration of more than 20mg/mL.

Supply Chain Controls

From 1 July 2024, only established authorized pharmaceutical supply chains are allowed to distribute and supply vapes. Any domestic manufacture, supply, and commercial possession of non-therapeutic and disposable single-use vapes will be considered illegal.

Vapes are only allowed to be imported, manufactured, possessed, or supplied for smoking cessation and management of nicotine dependence with conditions:

  • Notified by TGA

  • Comply with the TGA regulatory requirements (product labels, packaging, ingredients, and flavors).

  • Custom licenses and permits from the Office of Drug Control are compulsory for importers

Pharmacists are allowed to dispense only finished products, not ingredients for patients to mix with their vaping substances.

The Australian Government is dedicated to minimizing the health risks related to vaping and reducing tobacco and vape usage rates in alignment with the National Tobacco Strategy 2023-2030. The Australian Border Force (ABF) and TGA are stepping up border controls and stringent laws and penalties were enforced for any illegal activities related to vapes.

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