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Global Reach

ARQon has a GLOBAL team coming from various medical industries and regulatory authorities. Being receptive to local regulatory changes, we provide the best submission strategies for our clients.




Cost Effective

ARQon provides competitive costing as compared to other global consultants.

ARQon offers free and accurate resources. Please check out the links to our registration page by clicking on the respective countries below.

Fast Response

ARQon responds to any of your enquiries within short notice.  We do not like to keep a client waiting.

ARQon provides product registration on various countries based on each country's regulations. We can become your local license holder.
ARQon has a Medtech Business One-Stop Service (BOSS) team. We help manufacturers in sales and logistics.
ARQon provides extra QA/RA support, documentation & certification to help companies comply with internationally recognized standards.
ARQon provides technical documentation and compliance advisory to help manufacturers meet the design control requirements & build design history file.

ARQ®-10MDQ  "10 Questions for Medical Device Regulations and Answers"  for the countries is available.

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The team was formed from individuals with vast experiences in medical device and drug manufacturing sites, trading industry and in regulatory authority.

"We like to thank them for their dedication and commitment in their work"




Singapore HSA ‘Regulatory Guidelines for Software Medical Devices – A lifecycle approach’ Draft for Software Developer and Software in Singapore.


The Health Sciences Authority (...

WHO Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on In Vitro Diagnostics (WHO SAGE IVD)

The World Health Organization (WHO) has established a Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on In Vit...

In September 2019, Malaysia halal medical device standard is published, known as:

MS 2636 : 2019 Halal Medical Device - General Requirements.

This MS 2636 standard is a voluntary...

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PAsia and Indonesia Harapan Kita hospital
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