Indonesia: Medical Devices Economy & Regulatory Update

Indonesia Encourages Investment

  • Economic growth shows an increasing trend, and this includes the Pharma and Medical Device Industry

  • New strategic infrastructure such as highway, airport, dam, powerplant, railway, etc.

  • Economic deregulation to simplify and accelerate public service

  • Increase in skilled workforce

Local Manufacture Development

Guidance Development

Minister of Health Regulation No. 62 / 2017 regarding Marketing Authorization of Medical Devices, IVD Medical Device, & Household Health Product

Digital Signature

  • Indonesia already implement the Digital signature system on January 2019 for the marketing license approval, CFS/COE and declaration letter.

  • Marketing license approval and other license is signed in the form of electronic format.

  • Doesn't need stamp and direct signature

  • Marketing license may be printed by Applicant and other designated bodies through official website.

  • Collaborate with State Cyber and Cryptography Agency.

  • QR Code used for safety and verify-able by Android and IOS application (for purpose of inspection and law enforcement).


SIKLARA is a Risk Classification Tool that help applicants to identify the risk class of medical device and IVD in line with AMDD Risk Classification Rules.

Good Clinical Practice of Medical Device

Reference: Indonesia Ministry of Health

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