Full compliance for GS1 will be required soon

According to the Saudi FDA, full compliance with GS1 data carriers on pharmaceutical products is required by March 2017. This includes having a GS1 DataMatrix with GTIN, expiry date, lot- and serial number. Meanwhile, The Ministry of Health in Egypt plans to have a track and trace system implemented by 2019. The planned milestones are assignment of a GTIN for every product by July 2016 and adding expiry date/lot number in a GS1 DataMatrix is by June 2017. In Jordan, the deadline for implementing the GTIN, expiry date, batch number also in a GS1 DM is by July 2018. The deadline for serialisation is by 2020. Requirements for the implementation of the GS1 DataMatrix barcode for traceability are under developments in the United Arab Emirates and in Oman.

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