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graphics.criteo free download. Create a game like never before! How to create games using our 5-year-old llama-code llamaWorks2D game engine programming book. Earn a FREE llamaWorks2D. Learn to code, step by step, using our simple to use graphical. intellivision game free download. Downloads | News | Demo | Tech | Customize | More | Forum | Contact Download llamaWorks2D free download. Games & Games Software | Welcome to the best games!Q: Merge two arrays in PHP I have two arrays: $a = array( "apple" => "red", "orange" => "orange", "banana" => "yellow", ); $b = array( "red" => "color1", "orange" => "color2", "yellow" => "color3", ); I want to merge these two arrays, so my output looks like this: $c = array( "apple" => "red", "orange" => array( "color1", "color2" ), "banana" => "yellow", ); Any ideas? A: I would use the array_merge_recursive function: $c = array_merge_recursive($a, $b); This will merge $a and $b as if they were arrays, and also merge them recursively. So, if your arrays were passed into the function as $a and $b, you could use this code to recursively merge them like the one you wanted. A: $merged = array_map('array_merge', $a, $b); If you have PHP >= 5.3.0, you can use array_map_merge: $merged = array_map_merge(function ($a, $b) { return $a === $b? $a : array_merge($a, $b); }, $a, $b); [Analysis of the

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