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Malaysia: Directive Overview of Natural Product Registration Based on 'Guideline on Natural Products with Modern Claim' (w.e.f 4 April 2024)

The Drug Control Authorities (PBKD) agreed to register natural products based on the Guideline on Natural Products with Modern Claim, effective on 4 April 2024, under the provision of Regulation 9, Drug and Cosmetics Control Regulations 1984 (PKDK 1984).

Previously, Malaysia only permitted two (2) types of claims for natural products which are Traditional Claims for general health and/or Therapeutic Claims for alleviating mild symptoms. However, there are demands and research that support and call for approval action to claim natural products as other than traditional and therapeutic claims, and these needs were not stated in any registration guidelines for natural products.

Hence, NPRA writes out a Guideline on Natural Products with Modern Claims to cater to the demands and needs and align with the strategies of Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) Blueprint 2018-2027 (Health Care) in reinforcing the T&CM regulations and medicinal materials.


  • Natural product registration will be evaluated under Abridged Evaluation

  • The duration of product registration is 116 working days for Single Products and 136 working days for Combined Products.

  • Manufacturers are not obligated to obey the OECD Good Laboratory Practise (GLP) but must comply with the Guidelines on GMP for Traditional Medicines and Health Supplements.

  • Certificate of Analysis (COA) must be submitted with testing documentation as listed in the Guidelines of Natural Products with Modern Claims.

  • 2 batches of COA needed for local and imported products.

  • Labelling statement required: “This is a herbal medicine/preparation”.

  • The product category in the QUEST 3+ System is Herbal (medium).

All product registration holders and manufacturers should take on of the newly approved claim under natural product registration. Now, there are three (3) types of natural product claims can be implemented in the product registration.

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