ARQon is a regulatory consultancy for medical devices and drug companies. We assist our clients in aspects of regulatory and quality from product development to product registration to attain market approval in ASIA, ASEAN, EU, US, and the Rest of the World. Our range of clients includes researchers, manufacturers and traders from both start-ups and MNCs. Additionally, ARQon provides training sessions for researchers, manufacturers and regulators.

Vision      To be world-class regulatory service provider and to contribute to healthcare. 
Mission    To utilize our regulatory skills, expertise and connections to help our clients to resolve and comply with the regulatory requirements to meet
                 the quality, safety and effectiveness for medical device and drugs and obtain approval for healthcare use. We contribute to healthcare.



We are formed from individuals with vast experiences in medical device and drug manufacturing sites, trading industry and in regulatory authority.

  • With regulatory authorities background, we balance the nation's requirement for patients safety with the need to foster and advance medical options in an environment to limited resources,

  • We have experience in the manufacturing environment from start-ups to MNCs, from greenfield sites to mergers and acquisitons. We understand manufacturing targets, needs and limitations,

  • We have experience obtaining global registration from CE, US, Asia, ASEAN, and rest of the world (ROW). As a key partner to the sales and marketing function, we can pave the way to generate revenue and meet business targets,

  • We together share the same mission, we contribute to healthcare.


      ARQon Team     


Global Regulatory & Quality Director, ARQon group CEO

Bsc (Biochem & Microbio)

MSc (BioMedical Eng)

Grad Dipl (Medtech Manufacturing)

Biologics & Drugs

PhD in Microbiology


Quality and Process



Medical Device: Combination, Implants, IVDs
Global Product Registration, QMS, Audit 
ex: HSA, Biosensors
ASEAN-China & Singapore agencies advisors and committee, International speaker, 
Origin: Singapore, Malaysia, ASEAN

Regulatory & Quality Consultant

Bsc Mechanical Engineering

Global Product Registration, ISO13485,
ex: Oculus (MR), Illumina
Origin: Singapore

Regulatory & Quality Consultant

ARQon Europe

Product Development, Technical Documentation (CE), DHF (US), Clinical Evaluation, Combinations, Biocompatibility, EU MDD/MDR,